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Business Support

Wangaratta & Indigo Computers offer all the services needed to maintain run any size business wether you're a one-man-show or a team of many employees across the country, we have the skills and knowledge to keep you connected, secured and functioing 24/7 365.

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Custom Computers

Built to service your needs, our custom PC builds will exceed all expectations.

After a thorough assessment of your needs and a discussion around the future uses of the new PC, we will set to work on creating a custom machine that will both be exactly what you need as well as expandable for future requirements.

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PC Servicing & Repairs

Wangaratta Computers repairs & services all makes and models of Windows, Linux & Macintoch computers, including Laptops.

> Motherboard & RAM Upgrades
> Fans making loud unusual noises
> Computer start-up issues (Power Supply dead, Faulty Switch, POST issues)
> Computer won’t boot to Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system
> The dreaded BSOD or “Blue screen of Death”

Whatever the issue, we will resolve your computer issues in an efficient cost-effective way! For a no-obligation get in touch today!


Laptops are awesome for their flexibility and ease of use... but they're prone to damage and breakdown.

They are also well known for slowing down after a few months! We love getting laptops back to their peak and in many cases... better than when they came out of the box!

> SSD, HDD & RAM Upgrades
> LCD screen replacements
> Laptop Power jack/connector repairs
> Motherboard repairs and other Components
> Cooling system servicing
> AC adapter (charger) Laptop not charging or won’t start
> Memory & hard drive upgrades including SSD drives
> Strange beeping or uncommon lights flashing
> Fan errors & keyboard repair or replacement

Data Recovery

Just because it's dead, doesn't mean you have lost all the data. It' also doesn't have to cost you $500 or more in data recovery fees!

We will assess your damaged drive FREE OF CHARGE! if we cannot recover your data, you pay nothing! *

> Hard drive ‘clicking’ – indicates a coming or complete failure
> Mechanical hard drive failure
> Accidental data or file deletion
> File system corruption
> External drive turns on but no files
> SD card, Flash drive, iPhone data recovery
> unable to locate the hard drive in Windows

No matter the issue, we have plenty of options for getting your data back! Contact us now for assistance... Don't leave it any longer... you will make the recovery harder!

*fees may apply if labor required or if you choose not to proceed where data recovery is possible.

LCD Screen Replacements & Repairs

Just like our phones, Laptops a prone to screen damage. Never fear though... you don't need to throw it or pay the earth for a new one!

> LCD screen replacements
> Laptop screen inverter repair
> Notebook Screen backlight repair
> Laptop screen shows different colours, lines or flickering.
> Laptop power goes on but the screen shows nothing
> Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Sony, IBM, screen replacements
> Lenovo, Toshiba, Panasonic, MSI and Alienware laptop LCD repairs

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