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Desktop Computers & Towers

Wangaratta Computers repairs & services all models and Problems

Motherboard & RAM Upgrades

Fans making loud unusual noises

Computer won’t start (Power Supply dead, Faulty Switch, POST issues)

Computer won’t boot to Windows or Linux operating system

The dreaded BSOD or “Blue screen of Death”


Laptop Power jack/connector repairs

Motherboard repairs and other Components

Cooling system servicing

AC adapter (charger) Laptop not charging or won’t start

Memory & hard drive upgrades including SSD drives

Strange beeping or uncommon lights flashing

Fan errors & keyboard repair or replacement

Data Recovery

Hard drive ‘clicking’ – indicates a coming or complete failure

Mechanical hard drive failure

Accidental data or file deletion

File system corruption

External drive turns on but no files

SD card, Flash drive, iPhone data recovery

unable to locate the hard drive in Windows

LCD Screen Replacements & Repairs

LCD screen replacements

Laptop screen inverter repair

Notebook Screen backlight repair

Laptop screen shows different colours, lines or flickering.

Laptop power goes on but the screen shows nothing

Dell, HP, Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Sony, IBM, screen replacements

Lenovo, Toshiba, Panasonic, MSI and Alienware laptop LCD repairs

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