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RAPOO i100 Bluetooth TWS Earphone, 5.0/ 10 working range; Automatic Paring Upon Startup; 300mAh; 40mAh/each; IOS battery display


RAPOO i100 Bluetooth TWS Earphone, 5.0/ 10 workin …

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RAPOO i100 Bluetooth TWS Earphone

 Bluetooth 5.0/ 10 working range, Lower power consumption, support automatic paring upon startup;
 Master-slave switch, support monaural and binaural HD volume calls;
 Simple touch operation, touch to switch between multiple functions of music call;
 Left and right earphones are separate;
 Ergonomically designed for half-ear, comfortable to wear;
 Battery capacity:40mAh/each
 Battery life/single charge: Approx.. 3.5"rs
 Compact and portable charging box /storage box 2-in-1, battery capacity: 300mAh
 Extra charge: Approx. 12hrs, 3 times;
 Supports IOS battery display

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