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Deepcool STAND FOR GH-01 Graphics Card Holder, Metal Frame, Metallic, Supports 5KG, Height Adjustment, Base Extension Included (LS)


Deepcool STAND FOR GH-01 Graphics Card Holder, Met …

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Deepcool STAND FOR GH-01 As graphics card holder, GH-01 series protect well the graphics card from bending or sagging and reduces stress on the motherboard. Designed for our GH-01 series, this bracket allows you to support cases of different models, even cases without power supply shield.

Modular design which is easy to install and use.
Support computer cases of different models.

Overall Dimension 52.6×60.6×122.9mm(W×D×H)
Package Dimensions 56×74×139mm
Support Range —
Net Weight 51g
EAN 6933412796138

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